Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to the Grind

Bubba is back to school today. Moosie will be on the bus by 12:30. Hubby will be leaving for work shortly and probably won't be home until around 8 tonight. I have about 2 hours of work completed this morning and will be back at it when Moosie leaves.

I think I've decided that reviewing test questions, which is what I am doing now, is my least favorite thing to do. And after these 150, I have another 400+ to do. I am dwindling down the amount of work I am taking, because I can't handle the work bursts that keep happening.

I have about 3 hours a day to "focus." Right now, much of that time is spent working, but some of it needs to be spent on necessary tasks like coordinating reimbursement from the insurance company or writing follow-up letters after Individualized Education Plan meetings, or reviewing Person Centered Plans and IEPs to catch the many mistakes. You get the idea. This disability crap just doesn't go away. I literally think I could drown in the constant paperwork.


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CH said...

If checking questions is your least favorite, perhaps you'd rather work on A&P? Just kidding! See you in QB.