Thursday, January 4, 2007

Moose's First Day of School

Moosie Moose had his first bus ride yesterday, but didn't get to stay at school because he had a doctor appointment. Today the bus was almost an hour late because of a carseat snafu, so Moosie will barely be at school before it's time to ride the bus home. I'm pretty sure he thinks this school stuff is rather cool and is wondering why Bubba complains. Moosie may change his mind on Monday!

Here's Moosie about to get to ride the school bus for the first time. If you know Moosie at all, you know he loves buses!

If you look in the center bottom of the window, you can see Moosie. If you look a little to left, you can almost make the image of Jesus out in the reflection. He's praying over Moosie's head.

Sister, I'm just kidding, stop looking.

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