Monday, January 8, 2007

Take a Hike

Over the holidays we had unseasonably warm warm weather. Well, it seems to be warm a lot during winter nowadays, so maybe it really wasn't unseasonable. Anyhow, the whole family went hiking at a local park near the river with Aunt Piggy and Uncle Guitar Man. (We use childhood nicknames and/or hobbies of family and friends to create sign names for Moosie to use. I can't help it that Aunt Piggy's nickname as a kid was Piggy. And she is now a culinary arts graduate, so I can't get away from the food theme no matter what!)

OK, back to hiking. Everyone had a great time, and I especially enjoyed the fresh air and stillness during the week of holiday hell. Well it was pretty still except for the occasional mountain bikers whizzing by.

I can't say that Moosie actually hiked since he refused to walk on the path. Everyone tried to give Hubby a break, but he was the lucky one chosen as Moosie's personal traveling servant.

Bubba did exceptionally well, even with the climbing detours. I'm pretty sure I was the only one who fell in the mud.

Unfortunately (well, fortunate for them) Aunt Piggy and Uncle Guitar Man had to go back to Oregon. We miss our buddies. They always bring out the parts of our family that we forget about due to the hubbub of life.

Some photos. Thanks to Uncle Guitar man for taking the shots!

Bubba impressed by the rock formation.

Moosie being cute.

Yep, we're holding up alright. Har har har.

Hubby apparently is pretty impressed that he scaled a dirt clod barely taller than him.

Moosie and Aunt Piggy sharing in their new favorite pastime of tossing crackers.

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