Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Christmas 2006

A few pictures of the boys...

Bubba doing the "I like my present" jig. He was pretty happy with most of his presents. We had "practice Christmas" on the 23rd, practicing waiting to open presents, looking to see whose names (to/from) are on the presents, keeping our hands on our own presents, and politely thanking the person. And yes, Bubba did say "No thank you. I don't like this present." Hey, much better than last year when things were hurled along with growling and stomping!

Moosie was interested in the opening of the presents. He never seemed too interested in the contents of the presents until after all of the unwrapping was done. He would rip paper, toss it aside, and then sweetly sign "more."

And yes, as always, the boys picked out their own attire.

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