Friday, January 19, 2007

Sick Boy

So Moosie Moose is sick. Just a moderate fever, but enough to keep him home from school yesterday and probably from spending the night at ma-ma and pa-pa's house. Whenever Moosie gets sick, I get sucked back into the early days when he was sick all of the time, when his only milestones were to breathe and stay hydrated. I try not to get super worried anymore as he has been sick recently and gotten over it quickly, unlike when he was younger and every cold would spiral into an awful chain of events. But I'm still a little anxious, truth be told.

Yesterday, Moosie's only requested comfort was to lie on the recliner with his daddy's childhood stocking cap pulled over his head.

Today, as he is feeling better, he has chosen to wear daddy's work gloves while pushing around a baby stroller filled with trains and toy dishes and a blanket dragging behind. Oh, and still chewing on the Mac & Cheese stuffed in his mouth from lunch.

And yes, if you look in the background, you can see a volcano model from my 6th grade year that for some reason my dad kept and has recently become a preferred stage for Bubba's dinosaur reenactments. You can also see the light switch on the wall still without a cover, leftover from painting in October.

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