Wednesday, June 20, 2007


So after today's spinning class I feel like I have been pounded in my ass with a dumbbell...I'd say about a 15 pounder. I seriously am about to vomit and my legs feel like jelly. But I made it through and signed up for next Tuesday. Time for some Ibuprofen.


CH said...

It's a small price to pay for such a great workout!

Callouses--that's what you need. They'll develop after a couple of weeks. (Or you can get a gel seat anywhere they sell bikes, or some of those oh-so-flattering padded shorts.)

Ange said...

Callouses, huh? That just sounds WRONG. I have the seat, but it didn't help last time. Tomorrow I'm taking some Advil before class.

CH said...

Just be careful: Pretty soon, you'll love it so much you'll want to become an instructor!