Thursday, June 14, 2007

Shiny Teeth

Bubba had some dental work done yesterday. He is now the reluctant owner of 4 silver crowns. He also had a root canal and sealants applied. Mommy and daddy are now $700 poorer, but thankfully we have dental insurance and health insurance that covered the rest. Maybe when the teeth fall out (yes, they're baby teeth) we can cash in and get some of that money back!

Bubba got his happy medicine (puppy and lamby did not) around 1PM...

...out of the OR at 3:30PM...

...and he was awake and home by 6:30PM.

Bubba is still upset today...he is not happy with his "gray teeth" and wants to know when his "teeth will be small again."

I've been assured that Bubba will not be able to remove the crowns. We'll see.

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