Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Iphone madness

I don't know anything about the Iphone, but I hate it. First off, anything that is ridiculously "hyped up" makes me want to puke. The Iphone definitely fits in that category. Second off, Hubby works for Cingular...or the new ATT...or as I refer to it often "that damn hellhole of a company." Hubby has been working from 9:45 until 8PM most days this week. He was off on Sunday and doesn't have another day off until next Wednesday. He has to work until 10PM on Friday.

So Friday, they will have security outside the door and only a limited number of people will be allowed into the store at a time. They also only have a small supply of iphones. He has to deal with all of the crabby, tired, over-hyped people who expect him to be courteous and happy even though he has worked 100 hours and most likely gets no meaningful compensation for selling them the Iphone. Yes, it's his job. But this week it's definitely a sucky job.

So if you want an Iphone, wait until the hype is over. Remember the Razor from a few years back when it went for around $500 or more? Not such a big deal now. Yeah, maybe the Iphone is cool, but I doubt it's going to drastically change your life overnight. Avoid the Iphone mania until things settle down a bit. I wish we could.

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CH said...

Yuck! I just saw people standing in line for those things on the Today Show. I'm becoming one of those old, resistent-to-new-technology people already!