Thursday, December 6, 2007

5 seconds of fame

Moosie used up 5 seconds of his fifteen minutes of fame.

He bounced his way into a local TV show. I of course forgot to watch the show, but I found an online version. We were at the Botanical Gardens yesterday morning checking out the train display while the filming was apparently wrapping up (we asked them why some creepy dude was filming our kids).

Moosie is the one in Denver Bronco colors (blue pants and orange shirt). Yes, he's the one jumping up and down at the beginning and end of the clip, looking somewhat excited and badly in need of a haircut, and with paint stains on his shirt. All the other little boys were clean cut and in sweaters. No one told me that this particular train show had a dress code. Good thing the boy is naturally cute.

Moosie showing me his favorite train, the Santa Fe.

Moosie doing his jig. HE loves those trains almost as much as I despise them (B-O-R-I-N-G!). I do love watching the Mooser be happy though.


Stimey said...

Jack loves the trains too. At least he was clean and didn't have stained clothes. If it had been my kids captured on tape, they almost surely would have had food all over their faces and shirts.

Ange said...

See that blotch on his back? Paint stains from when he tried to help daddy paint! The dirty mouth and hands came later (ketchup from lunch, stickies from a sucker, and some unidentifiable scuzz). Yes when we go places, I see the grandmas licking their thumbs just begging to wipe the nastiness off my boys' faces. Luckily I can usually pass of whatever is stuck in my boys' hair as 'styling product.'