Wednesday, December 5, 2007


We are in the dip of the curvy road of what is Bubba. While last week was resistance, this week is explosion. Last week was sensible schedules, somewhat completed homework, homemade cookies, and sleepy bathed children snuggled in bed by 9PM. This week is schedules that aren't clicking (implementation hasn't changed, just the reception!), ripped homework, a dirty kitchen, and stinky overstimulated children with scuzzy teeth who are wide awake at 10:30PM.

I don't know what started it all, but the downward slide has begun and I imagine we won't be back on track until the weekend (once the boys have sometime to catch up on sleep).

Last night, Bubba was apparently inventing ways to stay out of bed. This wasn't clear to me until he said, "How about I can't sleep because my toe hurts?" (He cut it the other day.) "Yeah, that sounds like a good one." His voice sounded quite pleased.

Moosie on the other hand, was not pleased when Bubba was finally asleep. We were keeping him out of the room to let Bubba settle down. Moosie kept exclaiming, "Macaroni! Macaroni!"

This would be difficult to understand for the untrained listener, but I--being the manipulating mommy that I am--knew Moosie was saying "Ack lonely!" [Ack is how Moosie says his brother's name.] You see, when Moosie wants to sleep with us, all I have to say is that his brother will be lonely, and the dear little boy toddles into their bedroom to hold a vigil for his big bro until both of them are sound asleep.

And as always, these things tend to backfire.

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Maddy said...

That's part of the reason why my boys share the same room, although my daughter usually wants to sneak in there too. I know all about backfires!
Best wishes
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