Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cookies and Candy

If I give you cookies or candy this holiday season, they are made with fucking love damn it!!!! Even if they look and/or taste like shit.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Holidays.

Or whatever.


Anonymous said...

Okay, now you are starting to scare me. Stop trying to do so much! You've got alot going on F the presents, the decorating and cookies. We much rather have your sanity for Christmas. Wish I was there to give you a break or help out. Love you- sister

kristen said...

Your sister is right. I have given up on the baking for Christmas (and any other time, for that matter). There's just too much going on. Plus, no one really appreciates homemade over store/bakery bought. I say you can cheat next year.

Kelley said...

*snort* I'm with you babe. Eat it and love it or I will smash you over the head with this Christmas themed mallet.... I made one just for this sort of occasion.

Will send it to you for next year K?

Merry Christmas!!!