Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Birthday Moosie!

Every year on Moosie's birthday, I watch a video of the instant he was born into this world. This year, in the wee hours of the morning, I celebrated Moosie's 4th birthday by watching his delivery. Since my dad gave me a laptop with a firewire connection, I can finally have some fun with my now ancient video camera (we bought it and a PC firewire card that never worked right before Bubba was born 8 years ago!).

Moosie's actual birth day.

The beginning shows part of the c-section so it may gross some people out, although I don't see anything but my stomach and Moosie. If it bothers you, just close your eyes until Johnny Cash stops singing.

I played it for Bubba and his little nostrils started to quiver and he said "It's making me wanna cry." The boy loves his brother (and is 'affected' by music just like his momma.)

Moosie at 4 years old:


Anonymous said...

OK that made me cry (of course)!! Here I am at work with big old drops running down my face. I knew I should have waited till I got home! What a wonderful video. Happy Birthday Moosie!!!!!
Love- your Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...


That was amazing!!!

Happy Birthday Moosie! We can't wait to see you and celebrate #4!
Luv ya,
Angie, Mike and Will

Pegster said...

A little gross, but completely beautiful. His daddy loves him so. I could see on daddy's face all he was thinking. You know, "can I touch 'im?" You are such a great mom to remember their birthdays in this Epic way. It's not about birthday cake and presents. It's about a very real and emotional day. I'm glad the boys get to learn these things from you. (that includes my brother!)
Happy Birthday Moose.
Much love.
Aunt P and Uncle J

Anonymous said...


I balled! What a beautiful video and a beautiful child. He is a wonder. Danny and I both adore him. Your eloquent and honest words have helped me to move forward along a very difficult path. Thanks for your friendship, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOOSIE!


Denise said...


How cool! I never knew Kaden was in the NICU. I don't get much information out here so I appreciate your blog. To the young lady who once said she didn't want children, you found out what a blessing from God they can be. Tell Kaden happy birthday for me even if it is a little late.

Ange, I wish I had a smidgen of your talent with computers so I could keep in touch with my family better.

Aunt Denise (& Uncle Bill)

Kelley said...

Truly beautiful. Now I have to go and fix my makeup....

Ange said...

Thanks, sorry for the tears, but that's good that I conveyed the emotions we were feeling that day! It's going to be a challenge to accurately reflect our experience in Bubba's video, because it was such a different experience.

Daddy does love his boys... that look in his eyes--that mixture of fear, utmost love, uncertainty, compassion, and sincerity--that's why I married him and love him so.