Monday, October 9, 2006

Big boys

Despite the fact that this cycle break truly has been "psycho break" (Note to self: NEVER EVER EVER decide to repaint or refloor or redecorate during cycle break. NOT a good idea!), some amazing things have been happening.

One of the GOOD things that comes out of cycle breaks is Bubba and Moosie's sibling relationship. Bubba is actually developing empathy for the Mooser. Moose falls down, Bubba is right there and asks him if he is OK, and tries to help him up. And oddly enough, Bubba isn't pushing him down, hitting him, or anything else really impulsive anymore. (I think the dog gets that now. *sigh*)

Bubba ia also becoming a caretaker. The other night Bubba went into the kitchen and fixed himself a bowl of cereal, which is in itself a big deal to us. He moved the chair, got down the cereal, got down a bowl, got out the milk, and poured the milk without spilling it. Then typical Mooser sprung to action following him around pointing at his own chest squealing "eeeeee! eeeee! EEEEEEEEE!" Or in other words, "Me! Me! ME! I want some too! I want whatever you want big brother!"

Bubba, in a sweet voice, asked Moosie if he wanted cereal too, and when Moosie screamed "YEOH!!!!" (he's been crossing his yeahs and nos lately) , he proceeded to make Moosie some cereal too. And he put all of the stuff away too!

Bubba told Moosie they had to sit at the table, and Moosie ate his cereal just like Bubba, down to the last tip of the bowl and slurp of the milk.

My big boys.

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