Saturday, October 21, 2006

Show me the money

As I sit here wondering how our checking account balance is already at a big ol' goose egg, I wonder what we should stop doing. Get rid of cable? We'll we only pay $17 for that. We can't get rid of our internet access because I need that to freelance. We could buy cheaper food, but then we can't eat healthy, another priority!

Hubby is addicted to Netflix, which is another $19. Our cell phones are currently free, so they're fine. I really don't want to move. We live in a modest neighborhood, in a ranch that's 20 years old. I don't love our house, but we've developed supports in the community, relationships with the schools and teachers, etc. So what do you do?

And then I think, we could stop paying for Bubba and Moosie's therapies or sensory stuff. Now we can cetainly cut back, but if there is clear benefit, would we be doing them a disservice? If the insurance company would just reimburse us for the 80% they owe us for the past 5 months instead of playing games, I guess we wouldn't be as broke. (Thank you United Healthcare for the paper, postage, and time you have wasted.)

There isn't really a magic answer I guess, which I was reminded by an article I stumbled across today while procrastinating from balancing our checking account. The article states, "Sometimes the answer is to learn to live better on the money you have." My head hurt instantly. The statement could neither be more true or more difficult to swallow.

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