Friday, October 27, 2006


Moosie has a nice obsession with trains, specifically Thomas the Train trains. We went to the library the other day, and for once darn it, that little store they have there was actually open.

It took about 2 blinks for Moosie to spot a train display and beeline his way into the store. He then proceeded to jump up and down screaming "EEEEEEEEEEE!!!" and alternating frantically rubbing his chest with pointing at the glorious train.

Now, I knew that Moosie was saying in sign language "Please mommy. Please?!? Pretty please. Please dammit I'm saying please. Buy me the train mommy. Can't you see that I'm saying please?!?!?!?!"

I gathered from the look on the cashier's face that she thought quite possibly Moosie was having a heart attack.

I distracted Moosie with some nonsense long enough to get him out of the store, but not without a silent acceptance of the fact that my sweet little boy has finally reached that all-dreaded developmental milestone--he is now a toy consumer.

Now I have two children who will seek out toys at every giving location and do what they feel is necessary to gain ownership of said toys. Great.

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