Saturday, October 14, 2006

What goes up must come down

I just can't escape the male anatomy. This morning, we were up very early to go to the Walk for Autism Research event downtown. I dressed Bubba and Moosie in their sleep and then woke up hubby. After much prompting, we finally got Bubba to go to the bathroom, but it wasn't long before we heard shrieking...

"Mom, I don't liiiike my penis up. I don't want to go anywhere with my penis up. Moooooom!!!!"
As I tried to calm him down and gingerly helped him get his underwear back on, he continued to scream and bat at himself, apparently thinking he could beat it down if the damn thing wouldn't listen to his obnoxious screaming.

Trying to further calm him down, I stated, "Bubba, this happens to all boys, even daddy."

That just confused him. "But why?!?!?!" he moaned with a twisted up face.

Daddy took the less complicated approach, "It keeps you from peeing in your bed."

OK, apparently this is true. I confirmed with another male friend at the walk. I'm married and naive. I always thought it was for other reasons. *shrug*

Whatever the reason, I now need to go scrub pee off of the ceiling. The joys of being the mother of boys.

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