Wednesday, October 18, 2006

This is what I do

I wonder why the hours go by so fast and why my house is such a disaster. Right now I have about 15 million projects going. Today Hubby is off of work, so I'm supposed to be utilizing the time to work on a monster work project (past due).

So far today, instead of working:
  • I've participated in Moosie's speech therapy
  • I've photocopied the signs for all of the colors and taped them to the back of flashcards so that I don't have to keep looking up the signs when me and Moosie are playing "learning colors" games
  • I've called the neurologist to have them fax Moosie's diagnosis and prescription for Bubba to have behavior therapy to me
  • I've faxed the information to the boys' case manager
  • I've called the case manger to see if I can get the early intervention program to pay for a session of social play incorporated with occupational therapy and speech therapy for Moosie since his developmental evaluation states that he has a moderate to severe social-emotional delay. (The state program assists with 1:1 in home therapy, but that doesn't help so much with social delays, which is frustrating to get across to them!)
  • I've called the therapists providing the social session to make sure there is room for Moosie
  • I called the therapists back to see if they would consider starting a therapy equipment / resource library. Those of us with children with disabilities purchase and make lots of things to assist our children and when we are done with them, it would be great to have a central place to donate them for other parents to borrow.
  • I started gathering information I want to discuss with the meeting I have with a senator on Friday morning
  • I've contemplated working on the grant to assist us with making a "safe/sensory room" for Bubba during his explosions and for both boys to do activities to help with sensory needs...

But the grant will have to wait until later. I need to get to work now. *pout*

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