Monday, October 16, 2006


Bubba went back to school today. Thank goodness cycle break is over. I know I will miss Bubba terribly, but I also know that 3:30 will be here before I complete half of what I'm supposed to do today.

I thought all signs were pointing to an OK day...I wasn't tired when I woke my sorry ass up at 5:15 this morning to do some work. Moosie and Bubba slept the whole night in their own beds and Bubba woke up at 7:20 without a huge fight. (Well unless you count the one mini outburst when he yelled from under the covers: "I am NOT waking up!!!") He ate breakfast, got dressed, did the whole deal without much complaint. (I'm pretty sure he was too tired to remember that the night before he was adamant about not returning to school.)

Then the bus honked 10 minutes early and, as if on cue, the dog walked over from the kitchen and decided to puke his entire breakfast on the new carpet.

I love Mondays.

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