Friday, October 5, 2007


One of the most rewarding things I have experienced as a parent is watching the relationship between our boys develop.

Moosie loves Bubba more than life itself. This is not an exaggeration. The first thing he says when he wakes up every morning is "Ack?" (how he says his brother's name). His sleepy little eyes haven't even adjusted to the daylight and he's already looking for his brother. The first thing Moosie asks for when he gets off the bus is his brother. No warm reception for mommy, just frantic looks and gestures for Bubba.

Whatever Bubba does, Moosie's not far behind. Of course this isn't always positive, but usually it is. Moosie learned all of his play skills from Bubba. He seems to care less about little people toys or any preschool toys, but within the last year he has learned how to play Bubba's version of Star Wars and kitchen, and more often, construction and transportation stuff.

Bubba loves having someone who idolizes him and enjoys that his brother is near him to play however he is instructed. He randomly hugs Moosie, which is pretty cool. Granted, he randomly sits on him and tries to do science experiments with the flexibility of Moosie's appendages too... that's not so cool. When he gets in trouble for doing that, Moosie gets more upset because the child that was just torturing him is now separated from him. So, whenever Bubba is in timeout, Moosie sits not-so-patiently in proximity waiting for Bubba's release.

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