Friday, October 12, 2007

The Accidental Gardener

I can hardly be described as having a green thumb, especially since my biggest success at growing anything this year was cultivating mold. But one of the lessons repeated often in my adult life is that the world still goes 'round whether or not you give your blessing. I mean, seriously, did you know that if you do not accomplish everything on your to-do list, that the world doesn't end? It took me nearly an entire year after quiting my full-time job to realize this. (Let's just ignore the fact that it only took one summer to swing a little too far in the opposite direction, which is why my house is in a state of emergency.)

Anyhow...a few pictures to illustrate some of life's lessons:

Those half-dead bean plants your kids bring home from school...they actually produce beans if you plant them. Who knew.

Joy comes from the simple things in growing your own food in the front landscaping.

Even if you do nothing but let nature take its course, something unexpected but good can come out of growing cucumbers out of your compost pile. Whoops.

And finally... if you spend all day cutting grass for your wonderful father, your computer work doesn't do itself. (But you're okay with that, because you get to sit downstairs and work now while your Hubby has to give the sugar- and TV-hyped boys a bath.)

Yes, sometimes accidents happen, and life goes on...sometimes for the better.

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Niksmom said...

ROFL, especially about the cukes in the compost. I thought *I* had a brown thumb. Um, I do!