Saturday, October 27, 2007

Bubba is playing with the boy across the street. I try to forget that the only reason the little boy is over here is because no one else in the neighborhood is home. I try to not ruminate on this because, even though they only play with each other once or twice a month when the situation arises, they get along rather well.

This boy enjoys "playing pretend" with transportation toys with Bubba, even if it isn't his first choice, and Bubba has picked up some of the neighbor's word choices. The one that's been starting every sentence lately is "Pretend..."

I couldn't help but smile when Bubba said:

"Pretend you were at a drive thru and you were making something really special." [Pause]
"Pretend you were making doughnuts!"

And then...


"Pretend there was a construction worker at the drive thru hungry for apples and corn."
"Pretend he said 'I want some apples and corn' [changes his voice]"
"Pretend you say 'Here are the apples and corn.' [changes his voice]"
"Pretend he ate the apples and corn."

The other boy:

"Can it be candy apples?"
"Can there be bad guys after you that are going to destroy you?"


"BurgerZone, pretend you need to call 911!"

And in less than 20 seconds from making doughnuts, we are now in the middle of a battle between "the heavy thing that can crack the pavement" [according to Bubba] and various missle sounds [the other boy]. Moosie is running around in circles, as always carrying his cars, just taking it all in.

I love it!

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Club 166 said...

We take our social interactions wherever we find them, don't we? I'd be tickled pink to have someone actually come over to play, ever.

The most we can muster, so far, has been a few minutes randomly at a park every so often. Thank the heavens for siblings!