Sunday, October 21, 2007


The wedding was on Saturday. Today, Moosie is sick and Bubba and Hubby are at a family birthday party. So as Moosie naps, I am left to navigate "the big let down" on my own (funny how this means something totally different to me thanks to breastfeeding).

I really miss my sisters.

It's funny, because most of the conversations with the newly acquired extended family were about explaining our family dynamic. It's one of those background stories people seem to need to hear. Apparently our family doesn't make sense unless they hear it. That's the only thing I can figure out, because when I say "my sisters" people say "your half sisters or your real sister?" and I say "Umm, my sisters, like, all of them?"

So the story is explained over and over. My mom died when I was around 10 and Sister was 4. Within a year or so, my father remarried. And then shortly after that, the youngest M&M sisters were born. (Isn't that clever of me to nickname them that since they're twins? Their names start with "M". Get it? Sigh...) Funny thing is, our dysfunctional family doesn't really make sense after you hear the story either, but that's the outline of the story.

I am not sure why every one wants to divide us into pairs "Me and Sister" and "M&M," but that's how it's been since the day we were born. Our parents do it, family does it, friends do it. I think people assume we (the sisters) do it, but besides the fact that M&M are twins, they are over 12 years younger than me, and we have been treated by others as separate pairs for as long as I can remember, we are sisters in every sense of the word.

Obviously Sister and I share experiences with each other that we don't share with M&M because we lost our mother and led a different lifestyle for the first part of our lives. Yes, I am closer to Sister, but mainly since she crossed into adulthood (which is when we started calling each other "Sister"). And M&M are twins, so how much closer can you get? But as M&M are edging towards the end of college, we have more life experiences in common and our relationships just make more sense. And as that happens, I realize that I am the only sister living in the vicinity of where we grew up.

So here I sit missing my sisters. All of them.

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