Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Who's the Man?

Daddy (stroking his ego): Did Daddy give Mommy flowers?

Moosie (quick and loud): No! MAN!

Hubby sent me flowers for our anniversary the other day. But Moosie doesn't agree. A "Man" brought me flowers to the door, so they certainly weren't from Daddy. Poor Moosie knows what he saw and has no idea why Daddy is so adamant that he gave Mommy flowers.

I love it, because Hubby often [not so] casually brings up the nice things he does for me so that I can acknowledge said nice things [a lot]. It's a dance that we have learned to appreciate [or technically ignore] over the last 10 years. But this time, Moosie won't let Daddy bask in his glory.

Man- 1, Daddy- 0, Mommy- laughing


Maddy said...

Classic! I love it. We can never deny their logic huh!

Keep it like a secret said...

Funny-it never occurred to me how that might look to a kid, but that's so right on!