Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Clash

Today was one of those days. It didn't start off that way, and thanks to a nice glass of wine and the opportunity to escape downstairs to do some work, it hopefully won't end that way. But smack in the middle of the afternoon, in between early school release and dinner, we had an icky day.

Did anything awful happen? No, not really. But Bubba was "off." I was "off." Moosie kept exerting his independence, which were great yet "why is your ability to undress/dress important to you right now?!?!?" moments. There was screaming, growling, throwing, stripping, kicking, pushing, crying, and stomping [Bubba and Moosie] and hiding, huffing, slamming, and yelling [me] ...basically a whole lot of everyone not being able to regulate anything.

All is good right now, but Bubba and I are unstable...it wouldn't take much to set either one of us off. Hubby came home from work a little bit ago and separated me and Bubba; it isn't pretty looking when we feed off of each other. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, you can feel the anxiety choke you the minute you enter the house.

Tomorrow will be better. I will apologize to Bubba in the morning and talk to him about my anxiety issues. We'll swap the self-regulation strategies that we have recently learned but don't seem to know when to use. And Moosie will probably still be trying to dress himself.

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