Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happiness is in the (not) so little things

The boys are finally back in their sandbox / construction / farm equipment phase and it is warm enough to play in the sandbox.

The garden, which turned out to be a much bigger project than we ever thought, may-- just may-- be ready for a late season planting. Square foot gardening (modified), here we come!

The Rosebud tree I planted a few years ago when it was a twig has bloomed its first pretty pink buds. Kind of makes up for the one damaged, which had been planted in my mom's memory 20 something years ago.

The rain barrel we concocted last year to water the garden yet to happen (and solve the issue of where the sump pump water goes without having to dig massive trenches)is still functional. The strainer (to keep the mosquitoes from populating) won't stay put, dang it. And it keeps filling up and we have nothing to water in the back, so I have to release the overflow down yonder. We're going to put another one on the side of the house to use for the front watering needs and to solve the water problem of that gutter, again so we can avoid trenching. Laziness and desperation are the father and mother of all inventions, right?

Oh, the laundry couch? Take a look. No small feat. (No, the clothes are not in a pile on the floor.)


Kelley said...

YAY! For the demise of the laundry couch!

I have a laundry room that is overflowing at the moment. Alas I see a laundry couch in my future.

Anonymous said...

Yey! For spring. Ya know, you are starting to make me feel REALLY lazy. I haven't done crap to our house. I hope you feel a great sense of accomplishment! -sister