Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Around these parts, the first signs of a true spring are not the blooming flowers, budding trees, chirping birds, or cleansing rains. Here we know it is Spring (or Fall) when Bubba enters the twilight zone, the land of many meltdowns and sensory overload explosions. I wish I knew why. For years we have tried to be proactive and to intervene before the crisis. But sometimes, it doesn't seem to matter what we do or how we react.

I sent Bubba inside to cool down when he was getting wound up outside (fire red ears). I was cleaning up and getting his brother, when I heard banging. I came inside to see him destroying our screen door (that we JUST put up). He had that glossy-eyed look that I really don't like! I sent him to time out (he went on his own accord) and in the few minutes it took me to clean up one mess, he had made another (slammed the door, ripped down the curtain rod, removed the safety glass on the window, and peed in his pants/on the floor).

We take pictures because when Bubba's punishment is long-lasting, I have pictures to remind him the reason for the punishment. He's getting better at realizing he is still in trouble for something that happened earlier in the day/week, but a lot of times he gets confused. This time he can't play with the neighbor outside all week - daddy named the punishment, and I'm the lucky one who gets to follow through with it.

Everyone is happy now.... until I have to enforce the punishment Bubba received for his destruction.


Anonymous said...

Real names?!


Niksmom said...

Wow, I don't envy you having to be the adminstrator of punishment! UGH.

I am fascinated about the red ears though...does it only happen when he's heading for a meltdown? Has any doctor said anything about it? I'm curious b/c Nik's do that too when he is in the midst of his "mysterious" episodes. His usually involves some sort of squinting and punching himself in the jaw or forehead like there's pain...but it's a similar out-of-control like you described in your other posts. Feel free to email me if you can share more? niksmother AT gmail DOT com.

Ange said...

Ah shit. I removed the real names, but I'm sure they are forever captured in search engine cache.

Niksmom, I'll e-mail you. All we know is it's a "physiological response," whatever that means. It doesn't always lead to an episode, but it's a pretty high indicator, especially if just one of the ears gets red.

Shephali said...

Oh man, Ange. Sorry to hear this news. Poor Bubba, it has to be so hard for him...

Anonymous said...

Medication is the answer. Powerful, powerful medication. Not for him, for you. With the right drugs you can get to the place where broken glass and pee on the floor is kind of... interesting.

Club 166 said...

I think you're on to something with the barometer thing.

Sorry to hear that we're in the same boat.