Friday, April 11, 2008

Like mother, like son

We went to the bookstore the other day. I love the bookstore. I love books. The funny thing is, I mean actual books--the cover, the type, the layout, the design-- not the story. One of my favorite classes in college was typography, my career is in publishing. I love production and view content development as nothing more than a means to an end. Often to my own detriment, I can't get past the object to get to the meaning, but my filter has improved over the years.

I think my need for order, structure, and control is summarized nicely in the small package of a book. Having a book means that even when all else is chaos, I have something, something, that is orderly and unchanging. Books make me feel secure, which is one reason you'll find me preferring a physical book to anything online.

So, although I try to use the library (and Internet) as much as possible, every so often I go to the bookstore. I can spend hours lightly touching book covers, flipping through the pages, and yes, even smelling books. I love them. But I no longer buy books just because of how they look. That gets expensive. And people think things based on what you read, although in my case, I am not reading it! I just like the book, like it is artwork.

At our recent trip to the bookstore, Moosie picked not a storybook or picture book, but a red, short, squat bound book with fine print. He was determined that Ivanhoe would accompany him home. "No pick-ers. Us erds." [No pictures. Just words.] He proudly exclaimed to Bubba. Bubba did not get it. "But [Moose], you can't read!"

But nevermind, the boy spent the entire ride home flipping through the pages and inspecting the various angles. And once home, he carried it around much like a child would carry around a doll--his own piece of security, his own piece of art, his own mobile package of all that is wonderful.

I get it, Moose. I get it.


Casdok said...

And so do i!!

Am taking a break from blogging so popped in to widh you and your family well.
Take care x

Keep it like a secret said...

Me too!! It's been a long time since I've bought a book, but sometimes I've bought books purely based on cover design.

Stimey said...

I get it too. I love that he connected with the book, and I love that you bought it for him.

Jack has been carrying around Jack Kerouac's Desolation Angels for four days because it has his name on it. Sometimes books just call us.