Thursday, June 12, 2008

The best toy EVER

After reading this post, you would know why this Youzeum exhibit

could entertain my boys for a long



Now if someone can just build one in the middle of my living room. It would need to be metal, with bulletproof glass surrounding it, and some safe way for them to drop the balls in the top shoot (or a level for them to pull). And it would have to be really tall with lots of gears, arms, etc.... more visuals, less sounds. This one is set up to mimic the human digestive system. I'd love one mimicking the neurological system... I bet those balls would be shooting and dropping and loop-de-looping all over the place.

So who's going to build it for me?


Stimey said...

That's cool. The Maryland Science Center has one sort of like that (only it's box shaped) and Jack was REALLY into it. See if the folks who build you one can throw one in for me.

Mrs. C said...

I love it. I suppose you could build one with a lot of money and patience. If they only made the Little Tikes houses about twice as big, they'd be perfect for older kids until they're almost teenagers. I'd want one of those in my living room; the "log cabin" model for a clubhouse indoors.

Club 166 said...

I'm sure that in a few years Buddy Boy will be glad to build one for you. He drew a picture of me when he was 5 which had an esophagus, stomach, lungs, and a heart.

He also likes mechanical things like that. He can stare at them for hours.