Monday, June 23, 2008

First Harvest

After a month of growing, I harvested the first crop of the season...RADISHES! I was so proud, pulling the little purple-red roots out of the ground, cleaning the greens and the root, and then preparing them into something possibly edible.

The thing is, I don't particularly like radishes. I wouldn't choose to buy them at the grocery store. But I decided to plant them since Hubby likes them and I had heard they were pretty fail-safe, so I had a good chance of growing something successfully my first year.

I googled "radish recipes" and "radish green recipes", and came up with radish salsa and pickled radish greens. Radish salsa good, pickled radish greens nasty!

The radish salsa had a little lime in it and I was also able to use some fresh mint from the garden.

The pickled radish greens didn't even taste good with the soy sauce the recipe recommended. I did put some fresh greens on my sandwich, and that worked out nicely.

Hubby has yet to cease teasing me on how proud I am of my little garden. I am not sure if he appreciates me bombarding him at the door when he comes home with: "Eat these radishes, eat them, eat them, EAT THEM!!! I grew them, you must eat them. Now."

I am thinking my garden has too much nitrogen since I have the "mostly green, less root " issue that I read about somewhere. So I wrote it down in my little handy dandy garden notebook, right next to "Radishes are spicy" and "Do not pickle radish greens."

At least they are healthy. And I've heard they help reduce flatulence.


Stimey said...

So funny. Your radishes are beautiful. Although the last time I ate a radish was, I believe, 1997. I'm not a fan. But yay for successful garden!

Mrs. C said...

OO! How pretty! I'm so glad you were able to grow these. FYI, Harvesters has a new program called plant a row. They are hurting for donations and take in extra gardening foods. You might want to check it out if you have a bumper crop and feed a neighbour.

God bless you richly today!