Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Swimming Progress

Moosie hates swimming, hates getting near swimming pools. Bringing him into the water causes frantic screaming that would make one think we are dipping him in hot oil.

There are several reasons why Moosie despises the pool:
1) He has to take of his shoes and socks (even with water shoes, he really wants to wear his socks)
2) The temperature is too cold
3) The sensation of floating (lost in space)
4) Water may touch him above the neck
5) He may have to take off his shirt
6) He has to allow me to apply sunscreen

We are lucky enough to have access to several pools, one at a friends house and then 3 pools of various sizes in our neighborhood.

I take the boys swimming nearly everyday, and have been making special 1 on 1 trips with Moosie to help him tolerate the water. Three weeks were about sunscreen, pool attire, and just seeing a swimming pool. For the most part, he's been sitting outside of the pool when me and Bubba swim, with his big hat and sunglasses shielding him from the sun, drinking his water, and dumping water in and out of containers.

But yesterday, he found success in the "neighbor hot tub" (as he calls it) and in bare feet nonetheless!

Yes that is him actually smiling, in the water!


Kelley said...

I understand. I totally understand. Perhaps one day I will post the saga I went through to get Boo to have his first bath without being physically restrained...

Yay Moosie!

Niksmom said...

Ange! That's a goosebumps moment!! We have to remember to let them lead us...as we try to guide them along to new places. Great job BOTH of you!

Anonymous said...

YEY MOOSIE!!! What a huge step. Aunt Amy is so proud.