Friday, June 27, 2008

Wall * E

I think Finding Nemo was the last time I took the boys to a movie theater to watch a full price, just released movie. I can't even remember if Moosie was born yet? But I remember Bubba. Oy.

So today, on a whim (an expensive one at that) I took the boys to see Wall*E. I loved it, and judging by their reactions, so did the boys. There was hardly any dialogue in the movie, but that didn't stop the story from unfolding.

My boys remained quiet and entranced, hands over their ears for most of the movie. Every so often Moosie's legs would dance or Bubba would squeal and cackle loudly.

It is difficult for me to watch any movie and not see it through my life experiences, and I won't lie and say that the consumerism and destruction components didn't make me deeply sad. I tried to turn off the over-analytical part of me once the robots got to the spaceship; I'll let you figure that part out yourself.

It was a very unique experience watching a movie without constant talking, and I felt the animation did a much better job at capturing my attention than I am Legend (which I found incredibly boring). At times, I forgot I was watching an animation. I nearly cried during one of the scenes at the end.

If you have visual kids (like I do) or are visual yourself (like I am), I highly recommend it. If you don't want to hear your children say "Wall*E" over and over again in their best imitative robot voices, then you might just want to skip it.


Club 166 said...

We might just have to go see this, it sounds so good.

And I do realize that just as "I-am-a-robot" has finally started to die down in our house, that this will undoubtedly start it back up again. Oh, well.


Ange said...

Enjoy! I just realized, while there are some "visual" sillies, there weren't a lot (if any) of the near potty-mouth humor so typically found in most kids' movies. No phrases that you will be completely embarrassed that your kid repeats over and over (when they don't know what it means ... Bubba still yells "Holy Ship!" from his all time favorite [nondisney] Eldorado and has no clue what it sounds like....)

Keep it like a secret said...

I saw the preview for this at Indiana 4, and knew that I would have to see it. Yeah, yeah, Disney really pisses me off sometimes, but they do a lot of great films, animated or otherwise.

I absolutely adore animation, when it's done right. If you have never seen Iron Giant, give it a shot. It's gorgeous. I got to see the sneak preview before theatrical release because at the time, I wrote for the toy co. that had exclusive rights to the film. It's based on Ted Hughes' book, The Iron Man, and it is fantastic. And I cry at the end every time.


Mrs. C said...

OK, now I'm thinking about it. Don't know that I can afford movie admission; might wait for DVD and it would be way cheaper than dragging the four older kids AND popcorn AND AND AND.