Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Bubba has a tendency to make up words. Or use them in different ways. And sometimes, no matter how many times we model the right word or provide the right word when he asks, he just can't get the "Bubba-ism" out of his vocabulary. For example, he still calls "boogers" "burgers." For about one week he had it right, and then it never returned. "Zombies" are "zomblies" (I have no idea why that word comes up at least weekly, but it does!).

May I introduce a new Bubba-created vocabulary word? I think it might just catch on. You know when a dvd has been manhandled enough that it looks like a werewolf got ahold of it and the picture gets all "slow motion" and then jumps ahead? Well that my friends is called a "skatch" [skip + scratch I assume?].

Used in a sentence: "Mom, the dvd keeps skatching!" or "Mom, clean the movie--it has too many skatches."

Pass it on... With credit to Bubba of course. (I like his definition better than the ones on Urban Dictionary.)

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Stimey said...

You wanna hear something funny? My kids call "burgers" "boogers."