Sunday, September 17, 2006

Football sucks

We've been newlywed giddy all weekend. Between us getting ready to paint, me working, and us running around chasing the kids, you wouldn't think we would be so freak'n happy! It helped that mother-in-law watched the boys Saturday night so that I could work without having to run after Bubba or Moosie every 5 minutes and Hubby could patch the walls without having to clean up Moosie yet again after bathing himself in drywall mud.

Where was I? Oh yeah, we were giddy. Then like the wonderful wife I am, I mentioned to Hubby that the neighbor told me that the Broncos were playing the Chiefs, and you would've thought I mentioned a free trip to an all you-can-eat Papa John's pizza and Dairy Queen ice cream buffet. (Hubby has been infatuated with the Broncos since he was a kid.)

Then all of a sudden I'm the next closest thing to Satan when I ask him to get the boys out of the bathtub so I can get back to work.

Of course I got the look.

When I naively asked what was wrong, I was adamantly told: "I never get to watch football!" (followed by audible whining and pouting)

"Um, you watched football last Sunday."

"Yeah, but I haven't been able to relax and watch football."

Well Sooooorrryyyyy!

Did I mention while I was bathing the boys I also cleaned the bathroom including all of the urine sprayed all over the floor by my wonderful boys (including Hubby I'm sure)?!?!

Learn how to aim and while you're at it, don't ever, ever say the word "relax" and "football" to me ever again! Ugh.

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