Monday, September 11, 2006

The writing's on the wall


I told you my boys were literal.

Apparently Bubba decided my paint job on his wall wasn't good enough. He embellished the wall art with his own masterpieces--his name and a huge big rig (truck and trailer thank you very much).

Of course this is no different than the time a friend and I were making candles around christmastime and Bubba excitedly wanted to show us something. Yeah, he had been quiet for longer than usual. In fact he was quiet long enough to draw a "road" for his trucks circling from his bedroom to near the kitchen and back (with a dry erase marker).

This time he "just wanted to decorate [his] room" he told me after he pulled me in to show off his work.

I think this is when I am just supposed to be happy about his use of creative expression and his great effort at writing his name.

Truth is, the writing is on the wall, and I don't see any reason not to keep it there.

Bubba's truck. It's kind of light, since he did it in pencil. Maybe he'll fill it in with marker later on? :)

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