Monday, September 4, 2006

Pooping for profit

I have mentioned Bubba's pooping issues before. It has been such an issue in fact, that he earns 25 cents each time he poops. He earns money for other things too. A nickel for setting the table, a dime for picking up toys and for vacuuming. Everything is deposited into a cool piggy bank that calls out what coins you are inserting....and each time Bubba earns more coins everything is dumped out and redeposited.

We reached the $5 milestone where Bubba can't wait to buy something at "LawnMart" (Don't ask me why the kid can't say Walmart, because it's just one of those things!), and we all trekked to the obnoxious superstore.

After nearly 25 minutes of trying to find something that A) only costs $5 and B) Bubba wants, he settled on a medium sized blue pick-up, which will probably break in no less than three days. Of course we had to get Moosie something too with "his money"(which miraculously appeared in his hand thanks to daddy).

As we scooted down to the checkout lane, Bubba spied yet another truck that was "really cool."

Bubba: "How much is this truck Daddy?"
Daddy: "Ummm, 15 dollars."
Bubba (exclaiming loudly): "Oh, I can poop that much!!!!"

Yep, he's ours. And we love him.

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