Thursday, September 21, 2006

Teacher conferences

"Bubba, I'm so proud of you for getting a good report card!" I said as I hugged and kissed him.

"What's that mean, mom?"

OK, screw the report card. I'm proud of him. He is really holding it together at school and according to all of his teachers, he really enjoys school.

The teachers state that they can read him very well and know when he needs a break and when to take a walk etc. Not exactly what's in his IEP (individualized education Plan), but it's working for him. We'll deal with the paperwork next, I guess. I hate that part.

Anyhow, I talked to them about using the right vocabulary and everyone using it, so that Bubba can start using the vocabulary and learning about his warning signs so he can tell them when he needs a break (move toward independence). The other thing I think he needs is to deescalate in the sensory room instead of just taking walks to pinch off the anxiety (from which it will build from later). One step at a time.

His reading has kind of slowed down as he struggles with decoding, so me and daddy will be choosing some easy reader books as part of his bedtime reading routine.

All in all, Bubba had a great first quarter. Now we are in cycle break! (Or as one of my friends calls the three week break from school--PSYCHO BREAK.)

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