Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lessons Learned

Today we played a water balloon game. It was quite complicated actually, but mostly just complicated for me. In order to get a water balloon, Bubba had to answer a math expression (we are working on addition right now with numbers under 10) and Moosie had to say/sign the color of the balloon. They then had to tell me what color the balloon was and I'd put a tally mark under the correct color.

After the end of the throwing, Bubba had to figure out the category with the greatest/least number of balloons and [sort of] graph the results (since this was at the end and difficult, I only had him do 3 colors). We spread it out with lots of fun, and we only had some frustration.

For the final 'prize' (waterguns), I told Bubba he would find the prize by answering a clue. This is the first time I've tried this, and as you can tell, I realized, as usual, that I was too wordy.

Me: The clue is: The mailman puts the mail here.

Bubba: Mail truck?

Me: He keeps the mail in the mail truck, but delivers the mail where?

Bubba: The mail truck?

Me: Where does the mailman put letters?

Bubba: Uh...the mail truck?

Me: Letters go in a ... ?

Bubba: Uh...a mailbox!

Me: You're right! The mailman puts letters in the mailbox.

Bubba: Mom? What do I do now?

Me: Go get your prize.

Bubba: Where is it?

Me: *sigh*

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