Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Today is Tuesday

It's Tuesday, NOT Monday. I thought maybe if I typed it out, I'd remember. The boys were off school for a 4-day weekend, which has apparently thrown me for a loop. Funny how my concept of "days" has changed since I stopped working outside of my home.

There are school days and nonschool days and Hubby's days off (he works retail so one week he may be off Tuesday and Thursday, the next week Sunday and Tuesday, it's anyone's guess really, but usually he's off on rainy days. *shrug*). I am beginning to see that I need to bring "days" back into my life, because time literally seems to be slipping away from me. The thing about working from home and being a mom and being a wife is that everything just runs together, a big fluid mess. I've tried for over a year to convince myself that flexibility is good, but I have learned for me that too much is bad. My brain craves beginnings and endings. This overlapping crap does not compute!

Maybe if I have something to attend to every Monday or something every Tuesday, I'll have something to anchor me back into existence. Of course I told Moosie's teacher I'd volunteer in his class every Tuesday. Of course now I realize that means today. Ugh. I shall not disappoint.

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