Thursday, April 5, 2007

Spring Sickies

Moosie has been coughing quite a bit today. The preschool nurse said that his chest sounded tight like she would expect in a child who has had asthma. Before the age of 2 Moosie had numerous stacked respiratory infections. He was never diagnosed with asthma, but with bronchio-something, which basically meant asthma.

Eventually we didn't need to do the preventative medication and such and haven't used the nebulizer in over a year even though Moosie has had some chest colds. Fast forward to March. Moosie was waking up once a night with one horrendous coughing fit. Once I got him settled down, he'd go back to sleep and not cough again until the next night. I thought he was choking or something since he had no other symptoms and sleeps in upside down positions underneath 5 pillows and stuffed animals...but no, apparently it is asthma and I am supposed to be doing something about it.

So today we gave him an albuterol treatment, which caused more coughing due to his intense screaming. Then an hour later he was vomiting. And then there was Bubba jumping up and down and clapping excitedly, saying "Yeah, I gotta see this" and then all of a sudden "[Moosie] don't throw up, I miss you."

Fun times. Happy Easter!

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