Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Somber, shocked, sullen are words that come to mind today. I did not hear about the shooting at Virginia Tech until a friend who has family in the area called me late yesterday afternoon. This morning I watched some of the news coverage, but I learned years ago that I have to shelter myself from news coverage when it goes from being informative to being hellishly descriptive and intrusive. They are at the point now of playing cell-phone footage of gunshots on top of the images and graphic accounts of the shooting. It appears the media is alternating this with interviewing stunned friends, relatives, and survivors. It is time to turn off the news so as not to slip into the darkness. I have many images and sounds weaving through my obsessive mind. For those experiencing what I only have to think about, I send my sincere condolences and deepest sympathy.

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Jan B said...

I agree with you. Thanks for visiting my blog too, the news coverage has ripped the scab off of our family's dealings with violently ill family members and I know it is burrowing under everyone's skin too.

Maybe that's a good thing, awareness, but it can also be just too much. There comes a point where you have to shield yourself from it all and there's no shame in that.