Tuesday, November 6, 2007

And another one...

For anyone keeping track, according to today's note, Bubba pulled some one's hair in class.

After 15 minutes of coaxing him, Daddy got out of Bubba that he is trying to gain attention when a "friend" doesn't respond to previous (more acceptable) attempts. We deal with this outside of school all of the time since the kids around here get tired of his incessant questioning and just stop responding.

I jotted a note to the teacher that maybe how to gain a friend's attention when the friend ignores him should be added to his social skills curriculum... maybe it could even take priority over the "passing papers properly" lesson.

Maybe they could even teach the "friends" how to react to Bubba when he doesn't stop asking them questions, especially since the kids doing nothing doesn't phase him! He doesn't get the concept of ignoring to show disinterest (even though he does it all of the time!).

I can pass the buck too.

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