Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Circus Peanuts

Thanks to my Uncle Bug Man (he owns an extermination company, get it?), we enjoyed a night at the circus--floor seats no less!

It was our first circus attempt with the boys. With all of the lights, noise, and excitement we just didn't want to torture us or them. But this seemed like a simpler circus, nothing too over the top, so we decided to take a chance.

We prepped them ("We are not buying toys at the circus!"). We came prepared (with earphones). We stuck by our guns during intermission when there was crying, and stomping, and pleading for the over-marketed toys. We survived the circus. Dare I say we actually enjoyed it?!?!

Before the circus

Moosie acting like a clown.

The tallman passed Bubba the trick plate. Doesn't he look a little anxious?

The boys got to choose one extra special thing to do. Bubba chose riding an elephant and was thrilled. Moosie chose riding a pony and was less than thrilled. "Me no ike! Ooo buhpee!" [Me no like. Too bumpy!"]

The Show Highlights

Bubba's favorite part was the clown and his "broken" bike.

Moosie loved the dog show.

I think being up close to the ring kept the boys engaged, though at times they were more interested in the rafters and the wires. I was just happy they enjoyed being there in general and that we didn't have huge rebound meltdowns at bedtime!


Maddy said...

It's nearly that time of year for us too. Lots of prep inadvance required here too.
Best wishes

Casdok said...

What fantastic photos!