Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Random Photos

Thank the good Lord for trains. It's still up in the air who I should be thanking exactly for train shows.

Homework did not go well tonight. It never does on Daddy's day off. Or on early release school days. Routines. Who needs them? (Um...we do!)

The line between a kleptomaniac and a habitual hoarder is a thin line indeed. Note the topaz bracelet and earring (from my rarely opened jewelry box in our bedroom), Daddy's work keys (from the bakers rack--I'm guessing--since Hubby has never hung his keys on the strategically placed key hook ever), pennies (from ???), and screws (from ???) emptied out of Moosie's pocket at bedtime.

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Maddy said...

Ooo we share so much.
Best wishes