Thursday, November 29, 2007

The funny thing about noses

Right when Bubba leaped off the bus: "Mom, is there something wrong with my nose?"

Me, quickly contemplating what I should say, or more specifically what I should not say: "Is your nose bothering you?"

Bubba, pleasantly: "No..."

Me, analyzing his nose for redness, scratches, foreign objects: "It looks OK."

Bubba, not convinced, pace quickening: "Maybe I should look in the mirror."

Me, jumping to conclusions: "Did someone say something about your nose?"

Bubba, as he analyzes his nose in the mirror with utmost intensity: "No..."

Me, trying to figure out what he's trying to figure out: "Does it hurt?"

Bubba, unsuccessfully trying to peer up his nose in the mirror: "Sometimes."

Me: When?

Bubba, matter of factly: When I put my finger in there.

So long story short, we discussed not putting fingers in our noses because that would in fact make our noses hurt. And then everyone was happy.


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mcewen said...

Excellent. He is doing well. Mine didn't manage to put a digit in there until he was much older.