Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Birthday Blues

Yesterday was my birthday. It was a really cruddy day, but thankfully followed a nice birthday weekend.

Saturday, I went out with some friends. I ate a little too much pasta, drank a little too much wine, but had a lot of fun. I came home to sleeping boys and a messy house, but that's how it goes around here.

Sunday, we went to the circus and survived.

Monday, well, surprise!

The house didn't clean itself. So there it was waiting for me. Moosie had managed to make it even worse Sunday night by spreading popcorn everywhere from the bedrooms to the kitchen. He has a habit of chewing it until he can't manage it anymore, and then he spits it out (rather than choke). We've been working on spitting in the trashcan, but by the looks of it, he didn't make it to the trash can quite a few times.

I was peed on.

I wiped stinky butts.

I immersed myself in the middle of seven boys so that my kids could have some play time with kids that bothered me more than they played with my boys.

I left my purse in the car, which Hubby took to work. Since I didn't realize this until after I promised the boys McDonalds (so I didn't have to cook), I only scrounged up enough change to buy the boys hamburgers, fries to spilt, and water to drink. I had a Lean Cuisine TV dinner a few hours later.

I suffered through a library activity where the boys weren't that bad, but the lady seemed perturbed... Bubba kept asking where the other kids were. He's a question asker. That's how he communicates. But the library lady didn't think twice: "What did I say? What did I just say?" I pretty much felt like the worst mother. Then when she got huffy when Moosie was trying to sit by Bubba and Bubba didn't want him too...well that pretty much made me regret even trying to gosh-forbid let me children participate in the community. She wasn't too happy when newly-verbal Moosie attempted repeating every other word she said. I think she may have 'got it' when she passed out the crayons and Moosie about fell over doing the "happy dance" since he loves holding crayons.

I missed most birthday phone calls, which was OK since I didn't feel like talking to anyone anyhow.

I spent another 30 minutes (of a total 300+ minutes) on the phone with the hospital regarding an almost $6000 bill I've been trying to resolve with United Healthcare since June! I told the hospital several times that we have no money, so they best be fighting UHC along with me.

I paid the $1300 dental bill for Hubby's root canals a few months ago. Well, if you can count using an over-used credit card as "paying."

No birthday presents since we have no money. A card would've been nice, but really, it wouldn't have made a bit of difference. However, I told the boys I wanted kisses for my birthday, and they did oblige!

Hubby got home from work at 9PM. The boys were already in bed (I've been really trying to make bed time earlier even though it means they miss daddy.).

I tried to soak in a friend's hot tub, but the temperature never got above 95 degrees. So I went home, drank a glass of wine, and fell asleep listening to a football game.

Luckily today is another day. But wouldn't you know it... the house STILL hasn't cleaned itself.

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