Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Candy Man Can

Who can make the sun shine on a cloudy day?
The Candy Man can!

Grandma bought the boys a gingerbread kit, which was on the schedule to do on Friday. Bubba waited patiently until Friday (This weekly chalkboard schedule thing is working well!) to create his gingerbread man. Of course Moosie wanted to do one as well, although he proudly exclaimed his as a "candy man."

With a little help from mom and a whole lot of sugar, two cookies were born and then, a few minutes later, mauled limb by limb.


Maddy said...

I love to say 'good enough to eat' but you know what I mean.
Fabulous fine motor skills!

Casdok said...

Looks like great fun!!

Niksmom said...

Hi Ange, thanks for your recent comments on my blog (sorry I've been a slacker at responding!).

Wow, these look like major sugar-buzz in the making! Cute idea. Did the boys eat them in one sitting...and did you survuve the aftermath!? LOL