Monday, January 14, 2008

Bubba's new skill

Bubba got a Polaroid camera for his birthday from Aunt Piggy and Uncle Guitar Man. He spent five minutes taking pictures of the ceiling fan, his various toys, the laundry couch, and objects. Moosie followed him around and was the official "pull out the picture" person. You would've thought he hit the million dollar jackpot each time the camera spit out the dark filmy square.

The Polaroid film ran out way before the boys' enthusiasm for taking pictures, so I let Bubba use my digital camera. I took a chance, thinking he couldn't be any rougher with it than I am. So now we have several pictures of every stinking toy he owns, but we also discovered that Bubba has a wonderful natural ability to photograph his brother. It takes me 10 shots to get one picture of Moose where he is semistill, face visible, and eyes more than partially open.

The amazing thing is you can actually see the idolization in Moosie's eyes. You can just feel how much he loves his brother by the sparkle in his eyes. Well at least I think so.

Can you feel the love?

Moosie is waiting for the picture to shoot out of the digital camera. It ain't happening.

Moosie loves cameras too. This one doesn't work, but he doesn't care. Oh, see all of the Polaroids on the table behind him?

This picture had us all laughing. I have no idea what Moosie was doing or how Bubba captured this face, but it is my favorite Moose picture.

Just some of the dudes hanging out around town.

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Casdok said...

That is so cute!!