Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Posts That Never Were

I take a lot of pictures with my cell phone, intending to share a moment or two with friends. Sometimes the pictures make it here, sometimes not. Usually not. First, I always want to narrate the pictures, and when I don't have the time or energy to get what's in my head typed out, well, the pictures don't make it out either. Second, it was a pain to get the pictures off of my phone. I don't have it synced to anything right now. (Yes the whole reason Hubby gave me this was so that my calendar was always with me and up to date, but nope, I haven't used that feature for over a year. I just forget things. And complain about forgetting.) Anyhow, Hubby "acquired" this little contraption that allows we to put the card thing from my phone into a slot thing hooked up to my USB port. And in seconds, the pictures are transferred.

So click here to see some familiar pictures, like:

this one of the brothers,

or this one of the green beans.

And you'll find pictures that are "posts that never were," like these:

from Moosie's apple lovin' days,

and these from our exciting trip to get new tires.



Kelley said...

Next on my list for 'me buys' is a phone with a camera. Oh the moments I could capture.... like the sleaze ball at my door yesterday. The tantrum in the supermarket....

But me, like you, would probably forget all about them or not know how to download them anyway.

Love the photos of the apples *snigger*

Casdok said...

Great pictures!
I know what you mean about the posts that never were!

Stimey said...

I have that very same apple bowl! Sam and Quinn will each take a bite or two out of an apple and then replace it. But that's better than finding the cores under the bed weeks later!

Keep it like a secret said...

That apple shot reminds me of one of the Ramona books where she takes one bite out of a whole bunch of apples becoz the first bite is always the best. :) -Knellie