Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have lost the motivation to write anything. I still have tons of half-written posts in my drafts folder. But I am in the middle of doing my taxes (momma needs the refund now to pay down some debt!), applying for a grant to help out with our exorbitant dental costs (which has forced me to analyze our expenses and income very closely, and is requiring me to redo our budget), starting a new work project to bring in something, and supposedly now I need to prepare for an IEP meeting for Bubba next month. Dang, I haven't even finished posting about Moosie's IEP meeting in December!

Oh, I had to reschedule the meeting about the seclusion room until next week, because Moosie was sick on Monday.

I think I'm going to start going through my drafts and wrapping up some posts, even if they are incomplete and rambling. Even my "finished" posts turn out that way, so why not just publish them already?


Casdok said...

You dont have to apoligise!!!
We will still be here!
Good luck with the meetings!

Kelley said...

Sweetie don't worry about it. I have like 40 in my drafts folder, and a billion 'promised' posts.

Some times life gets in the way.

Hugs and smootches for you. write when you want to write. Not because you feel you have to.

Stimey said...

Ditto to Casdok and Kelley.