Thursday, January 3, 2008

Count Your Blessings... when Maria of the UHC "Rapid Response team" says that the $5000+ hospital bill (6 months, 20 phone calls, 2 pages of notes, 8 hospital statements, 2 collection notices, and 6 hours of my wasted time ago) will be "processed and paid in 48 hours." Will it actually happen? Probably not. But this is the farthest I've gotten yet (and the 2nd time I've spoken with someone with the so called Rapid Response team)! when you spy a strange yellow substance at the bottom of a Christmas storage container you are just about to pack away for the year. Lucky catch. Looks like Moosie dumped milk in the container a week ago when the container was being filled with brand new, never used Christmas Clearance decor. It was then sealed in, and finally left to sour and dry to a nice crust. The smell was yummy.


Kelley said...

Oh. I. Hear. Ya.

Smells in weird places.

Spills in weird places.

Stains of unknown origin....

Oh I hear ya.

andrea said...

Better you than me -- I can easily deal with all sorts of surgical-type gore, stool or vomit, but spoilt milk makes me want to heave. I can't even drink cow's milk with sell-by-today's-date on it.